Member Appreciation Day at Fricks Cave Preserve

Each year, SCCi hosts an open house for current SCCi members and their guests at Fricks Cave in Georgia, a cave that is normally closed to protect endangered bats and salamanders that live in the cave. The Membership Appreciation Day at Fricks Cave will be February 4th. On this ONE DAY ONLY from 9:00am until 4:00pm EST, SCCi members and their guests will be allowed entrance to the cave assuming the bats have moved to their winter hibernation location.

Primitive camping on Friday night the 3rd is available on the preserve. Signs will be posted directing you to campsites. For more information on camping or caving at Fricks Cave, contact the preserve management team at or by calling ET Davis at 423-667-9946.

Event Information

Current SSCi members should will be asked to help our volunteers prepare for the event. A confirmation email will contain event information. RSVP will open closer to the date of the event.

Not a current SCCi member? Please first join or renew as either a SCCi regular member or sustaining member. Not sure which to choose? See our membership options here!



Please note:

  • Anyone wishing to visit the cave must bring their own helmets, headlamps, and all appropriate caving gear, all of which must be clean in accordance with the SCCi Clean Caving Procedures, in order to be allowed into the cave. The purpose of this requirement is to prevent the unintentional introduction of foreign bacteria, fungus, and other microscopic life forms into the highly sensitive cave environment. Anyone who does not have appropriate gear, or whose gear has not been cleaned as described above, will not be allowed to enter the cave. Because the fungus that causes White Nose Syndrome in bats has been confirmed in Fricks Cave, anyone visiting the cave must also clean and disinfect their gear after the open house and before visiting any other caves.
  • There are no guided caving trips; at least one member of each group should have sufficient caving skills and experience that they can navigate their group through the complex passages of this wild cave on their own.
  • Visitors to the cave should dress appropriately: Fricks Cave is a stream cave, and can be very cold and wet in winter, even when it is warm outside! The water flowing through the cave will be cold; visitors should expect to get wet at least up to an adult’s knees, and may also get quite muddy; polypropylene or other synthetic underwear as a base layer will help reduce the very real potential for hypothermia.
  • Anyone planning to visit the cave should plan to have in their vehicle a complete set of dry and warm clothes to change into after visiting the cave. There are no indoor facilities at the preserve.

There will be a cookout that will begin at noon EST and food will be served until we run out. We encourage you to visit the cave then stick around for burgers and hot dogs and a visit with friends.

We hope that you will make plans to join us for this unique opportunity!

Fricks' Cave. Photo by Alan Cressler.

Fricks Cave. Photo by Alan Cressler.

Schedule of Events

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM Cave open for visitation, assuming the summer gray bat colony has not yet returned. Note: SCCi Clean Caving Procedures will be strictly enforced! Frick’s is a stream cave, please dress accordingly.

12:00 PM – 4:00 PM Hot food will be available until supplies run out. Current SCCi Members: Please RSVP to help us plan supplies.

12:30 PM Dr. Robert Handford will give a brief talk on local geology and cave formation.

Location: To protect our properties we do not publish their locations online. If you are a member and do not know where the Frick’s Cave Preserve is located, please use the contact information below to obtain directions.

Questions: Email us at or call (423) 771-9671 Extension 101.