New Kiosk at Gourdneck Cave

On Saturday, July 27th, 2002 a crew of four met at Gourdneck Cave. Jim “Master Builder” Wilbanks brought a kiosk that was originally designed by Kenneth Huffines and built by Bill Fritz and himself. Bill “It’s Level Now” Fritz assisted Jim with the construction and assembly. Mark “Needs a Better Knife” Wolinsky helped dig holes and carry water. Wm “Too hot out for me” Shrewsbury cleared the weeds.

Once Jim, Bill, Mark and Wm had dug the holes and pounded rock the kiosk was set in place. Jim poured a bag of concrete around each post, and Mark added water and set the process in motion.

While they waited for the concrete to do its job, Wm went into Gourdneck Cave and retrieved a section of ladder from the bottom of the plunge pool at the second waterfall. It took a couple of ‘dives’ to work the ladder loose. Turns out that the ladder is 16″ wide, the same as the entrance ladders, and can serve as a replacement for them. A new register was placed in the register container. Hopefully this one will not wander off like the last one did…

Back outside Wm found that the concrete was setting nicely and the Kiosk Crew were ready to go eat. Mark was kind enough to offer to buy us all lunch so we took him up on it!

by William Shrewsbury