Caves listed as “Open” do not require a permit or advance notification. Please keep your group small and avoid disturbing or inconveniencing our neighbors. If you contact one of our property managers but don’t get a response, please contact our Stewardship Chair by email or call him at 423-771-9671.


Charles B. Henson Cave Preserve at Johnsons Crook (30 caves)
Acreage: 1300 Acres in Dade County, Georgia
Property Manager: Patty Springer (
Access: Permit required. See the management plan for details.

Fox Mountain (11 caves)
Acreage: 448.59 acres in Dade County, Georgia
Property Managers: Marty Abercrombie (chair), Brian Killingbeck, and Jerry Wallace (
Access: Open, 12 person limit on group size, do not park on the Interstate. Contact the property managers for instructions.The entrance to Hurricane Cave the state of Georgia owns (through the pipe) is closed due to structural problems with the entrance. The natural Sunbeam Exit (which is on SCCi property) is open. See the management plan for details.

Frick’s Cave
Acreage: 33.8 acres in Walker County, Georgia
Property Managers: E.T. Davis (
Access: Closed due to endangered cave life. Access by special arrangement only. See the management plan for details.

Howard’s Waterfall Cave
Acreage: 1.25 acres in Dade County, Georgia
Property Manager: Ben Eudy, Mike Hills and Steve Davis (
Access: Open. Use the Main Entrance only. The SCCi doesn’t own the other entrances. See the management plan for details.


NOTICE: To help prevent the spread of White Nose Syndrome (WNS) affecting bat populations, please read the SCCi Cave Visitation Policy before you plan a trip to an SCCi cave. Visitors to certain cave preserves now must fill out a Clean Caving Questionnaire. Some caves also require a permit. Check individual cave preserve pages for details.