Holly Creek Cave Preserve

The Holly Creek Cave Preserve near Iron City, TN is managed as a natural area and wildlife sanctuary to protect and preserve its unique attributes, including an important summer colony of endangered bats. SCCi and The Nature Conservancy of Tennessee (TNC) pooled their resources to buy this important gray bat cave. SCCi and The Nature Conservancy of Tennessee entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to share resources and expertise in joint cave conservation projects.  The preserve is being managed to preserve and protect the bats and other wildlife, and is closed from April 1 to September 15 to avoid disturbance of the summer bat colony.

One of SCCi’s primary activities is the acquisition of caves through purchase, lease, easement, donation, or management agreements. Potential acquisitions are carefully evaluated. Presence of endangered plants or animals, significant geological and hydrological features, wilderness quality, threats from development or exploitation, and access issues all play a role in the evaluation process. SCCi also protects other gray bat cave in Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia.  The cave will be managed for scientific study, but use will be limited during the summer months when the bats are in residence.

NOTICE: To help prevent the spread of White Nose Syndrome (WNS) affecting bat populations, you’ll need to follow the SCCi Cave Visitation Policy.

Preserve Information:

Acreage: 12 acres in Wayne County, Tennessee
Preserve Management Team: Shane Stacy (hollycreek@scci.org)
To request a permit, visit http://permits.scci.org