Holly Creek Cave Preserve

Holly Creek contains Coon Trap, a small, 75′ long cave and Hound Dog Drop, a nearly half-mile long cave with 2 entrances.

Hound Dog Drop is closed April 2 – September 15 to protect a Gray Bat colony. The resurgence, or spring entrance is 3′ X 15′ and 20′ and the pit (main) entrance is located 80′ northeast of the spring.

The entrance pit is a 6’x30′ hole, 80′ deep (50′ vertical, 30′ nearly vertical scree slope). It can be rigged with a 90′ rope to a tree 5′ from the pit. Most of the cave beyond the pit is stream passage (wet suit strongly advised), including 1600’of upstream passage through several low airspace areas to a sump ,and 400′ downstream to a too tight passage.

There are 2 possible ways to do a through trip from the pit out the spring entrance , including a climb down at the top of the scree slope into the water 40′ from the spring entrance, and a tight crawl downstream from the pit that leads to 75′ of streak crawl to the spring entrance. Neither route is advised but several through trips have been made.

NOTICE: To help prevent the spread of White Nose Syndrome (WNS) affecting bat populations, you’ll need to follow the SCCi Cave Visitation Policy.

Preserve Information:

Acreage: 14 acres in Wayne County, Tennessee
Preserve Management Team: Shane Stacy (hollycreek@scci.org)
To request a permit, visit http://permits.scci.org