Run To The Mill Cave Preserve

The SCCi is pleased to announce our newest cave preserve, Run To The Mill. This cave is a TAG classic, with a deep pit, miles of passage, and large borehole. The cave is over 15,000 feet long and 445 feet deep, with a 167-foot deep pit. It’s a caver’s cave.

Support This Purchase! Buy a Piece of a Cave Preserve! This is our newest purchase, and it cost $200,000. We rely on donations to keep a steady stream of money coming in so we can finance future purchased like this cave. Your donation will be used to pay for this purchase, and donors help us fund all of the wonderful cave preserves we own. You may select a specific preserve and you’ll receive a thank-you gift of your choice. To provide ongoing support, please consider signing up as a Sustaining Member. Our sustainers give us the monthly income we need to pay for our caves and to purchase new caves. You may also make a general donation to support our work across the southeast. We are able to purchase caves we all love because of YOU!

In the meantime, here’s a bit of information about this wonderful cave provided by Buddy Lane.

Entrance to Run To The Mill Cave

The entrance to Run To The Mill is the Grassy Cove area of Tennessee and is located in a large sinkhole with an inflowing wet weather stream. After entering the cave, you maneuver through some tight passage before emerging into walking passage. Cavers soon have to maneuver past several climbdown to continue on, working your way through walking passage, more climbs, and some route finding. Cavers will soon encounter the top of a series of drops, that eventually lead to the 167-foot Tilted Well. At the bottom of the pit, explorers will find huge borehole stream passage, and the passage just keeps getting bigger. The passage ends in a sump.

Important note: Do NOT enter this cave if there is ANY chance of heavy rains or flash flooding. The cave does flood to the ceiling.

Run To The Mill Cave

Run To The Mill Cave

Run To The Mill Cave

Run To The Mill Cave

Visit our Facebook page for a complete photo album of photos from the survey and exploration in the 1970s.

Preserve Information:

Acreage: ~73.0 acres
Preserve Management Team: Buddy Lane, Brad Tipton, and Jeff Patton. Contact for more information.
Access:To request a permit, visit  Cave is closed September thru April. Closure is dependant on bat activity.
Preserve Management: Management Plan
Preserve MapsCave Map | Land Survey | Tilted Well Map