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Custard Hollow Cave

SCCi manages visitor access to the Sinking Cove area (also known as Compartment Four of the Carter Lands) under a lease agreement. The caves included in the lease are Sinking Cove Cave, Cave Cove Cave, and Custard Hollow Cave. The area was closed to visitors  in February, 2001 when it was leased by a new management group. By executing a  sub-lease of caving rights from Deep South Outdoors, SCCi re-opened the area to cavers for access outside of Tennessee deer and turkey seasons. Access to the preserve by SCCi members and guests is limited to the dates and periods determined and announced by SCCi and Deep South Outdoors. During those periods, access for caving and camping is allowed as defined in the Management Plan.

Access: Recreational caving and camping is governed by the Sinking Cove Cave Preserve Management Plan. At least one person in the group must be a current SCCi member. Our lease requires that the individual named on the permit be a current member of SCCi. Large groups (more than 16 people) need to request special permission at least two weeks in advance.

Sinking Cove Cave Sinking Cove Preserve Preserve TennesseeDeep South Outdoors (DSO), the primary lease holder for the area including Sinking Cove and Custard Hollow,  requires that all permit holders must carry their permit with them while on the property and be prepared to show it when asked by any of the staff or other users. This policy was instituted by the DSO to control unauthorized access, poaching, and vandalism. It was designed for the hunters, but visitors have to abide by it as well.

Property Cleanup: As part of the lease, we are required to contribute to the maintenance and upkeep of the property. This is usually done in May at the beginning of the Summer open season.

SCCi pays a substantial annual fee for this lease. Contributions and donations to help cover the cost of the lease are very much appreciated.

NOTICE: To help prevent the spread of the deadly White Nose Syndrome (WNS) affecting bat populations, please read the SCCi Cave Visitation Policy and follow the guidelines.

Preserve Information:

Acreage: Leased in Franklin County, Tennessee
Preserve Management Team: Buddy Lane (
To request a permit, visit  Closed during deer and turkey seasons.



Custard Hollow Cave