Valhalla Cave Preserve

Valhalla Cave Preserve AlabamaWith its beautiful 227-foot entrance pitch and over a mile of cave at the bottom, Valhalla is one of the finest pit caves in the southeastern United States.

SCCi has established a good working relationship with the surrounding landowners and the hunting clubs that lease much of their property, and have obtained permission to cross their lands and to place an SCCi lock on the gate at the beginning of the road. Cooperation and respect for our neighbors is critical.

In the interest of maintaining good relations with our neighbors, visitation is minimal during deer and turkey hunting seasons.

NOTICE: To help prevent the spread of the deadly White Nose Syndrome (WNS) affecting bat populations, please read the SCCi Cave Visitation Policy and follow the guidelines before visiting Valhalla.

Preserve Information:

Acreage: 145.0 acres in Jackson County, Alabama
Preserve Management Team: Buddy Lane, Bill Putnam and Patrick Wilson (
Access:To request a permit, visit
Preserve Maps: Piece of the Cave Poster  | Surface Plot Poster  | Slice of the Pit

Valhalla Cave Preserve Alabama

Photo courtesy of Kelly Smallwood