SCCi Unable to Renew Jacobs Mountain Preserve Lease

October, 2012

Due to the pending sale of the Jacobs Mountain property by the current landowner, the SCCi was not able to renew our lease on the Jacobs Mountain Preserve. Our lease expired on October 13, 2012; SCCi members no longer have access to the preserve.

We are hopeful that the property will be acquired by an entity that will allow caving, but there remain many unknowns in that process.

Many SCCi members have appreciated the opportunity to visit the many great caves on the property during the two years of the SCCi lease. On behalf of the SCCi board, I would like to express appreciation to all the SCCi members who provided financial support for this lease, and I would particularly like to thank Brian Killingbeck for doing an excellent job as our preserve manager!