The SCCi Now Owns Run To The Mill Cave!

The SCCi is extremely pleased to announce our newest cave preserve, Run To The Mill. This cave is a TAG classic, with a deep pit, beautiful formation areas, miles of passage, and large borehole. The cave is over 15,000 feet long and 445 feet deep, with a 167-foot deep pit. It’s a caver’s cave. And it’s one more cave that we can permanently remove from the TAG Closed Cave List.

Support This Purchase! Buy a Piece of a Cave Preserve! This is our newest purchase, and it cost $200,000. We need your help to pay for it.  You’ll receive a thank-you gift of your choice. To provide ongoing support and help us fund other purchases of other amazing caves, please consider signing up as a Sustaining Member. Our sustainers give us the monthly income we need to pay for our caves and to purchase new caves. You may also make a general donation to support our work across the southeast. We are able to purchase caves we all love because of YOU!

We signed the closing paperwork transferring ownership of the property to the SCCi just last week, so we’re still creating a management committee and defining access policies. We will post all of the information about how to visit the cave as soon as we can. In the meantime, to give you a better idea of why this cave is such a fantastic purchase for the SCCi and all of our members, here are just a few photos of the cave Buddy Lane provided. We look forward to seeing photos from all of you now that cavers can once again visit this wonderful cave. For even more photos, please visit our Facebook page.

Entrance to Run To The Mill CaveEntrance to Run To The Mill

 Run To The Mill Cave
One of many formation areas in Run To The Mill
Run To The Mill Cave
The top of Tilted Well, a 167-foot deep pit in the cave
Run To The MillLooking up the pit in Run To The Mill


Run To The Mill CaveBorehole in the lower level of Run To The Mill

We would like to thank all of the people who support the SCCi with your time and money. It’s thanks to our supporters that we are able to finance such incredible purchases. If you are happy about this new cave purchase, please consider supporting us!

SCCi now owns Lost Canyon Cave

The SCCi now owns Lost Canyon Cave! Closed for many years, Lost Canyon is now open to cavers once again. The cave is located in Johnsons Crook, near Rising Fawn, Georgia. With a total depth of 352 feet, Lost Canyon is one of Georgia’s deepest caves. Its lower level is also very nicely decorated. Thanks to a long-time supporter for a fantastic donation to the SCCi!

Lost Canyon Cave


Southeastern Cave Conservancy Acquires Addition to the Valhalla Cave Preserve

In February 2012, the SCCi closed on the purchase of the Patrick addition to the Valhalla Cave Preserve. Ownership of this property represents an effort spanning ten years and a marathon amount of work over the last two years. The State of Alabama’s Forever Wild program is purchasing all of the Patrick’s 2,100 acres, which would have permanently blocked the SCCi from any chance to own the area above the pit and the two in-feeder caves. With this 20-acre purchase, the SCCi now has ownership of the complete known extents of Valhalla and the two in-feeder caves, plus a significant portion of the watershed that drains into the cave. In addition, this purchase provides us with a significant buffer from the public hunters that will be on the Forever Wild property; without this buffer, hunting would have been allowed very close to the pit. This was not an insignificant purchase at a total cost of $100,000. If you enjoy visiting Valhalla and other SCCi caves, please help us pay for this great new addition to the Valhalla preserve!


2011/2012 Annual Report

If you missed our annual member’s meeting on June 2, you can still review our 2011/2012 annual report! SCCi 2011/2012 Annual

New Guidelines for Visiting SCCi Caves

We have a new Cave Visitation Policy that applies to all of our caves. It includes a new method of deconning gear that’s MUCH easier and doesn’t require any chemicals: hot water. Please read the policy and clear your gear before and after visiting not just SCCi caves, but all caves! Now that deconning is really cheap and easy, let’s all be sure to cave cleanly!