Southeastern Cave Conservancy Acquires Addition to the Valhalla Cave Preserve

In February 2012, the SCCi closed on the purchase of the Patrick addition to the Valhalla Cave Preserve. Ownership of this property represents an effort spanning ten years and a marathon amount of work over the last two years. The State of Alabama’s Forever Wild program is purchasing all of the Patrick’s 2,100 acres, which would have permanently blocked the SCCi from any chance to own the area above the pit and the two in-feeder caves. With this 20-acre purchase, the SCCi now has ownership of the complete known extents of Valhalla and the two in-feeder caves, plus a significant portion of the watershed that drains into the cave. In addition, this purchase provides us with a significant buffer from the public hunters that will be on the Forever Wild property; without this buffer, hunting would have been allowed very close to the pit. This was not an insignificant purchase at a total cost of $100,000. If you enjoy visiting Valhalla and other SCCi caves, please help us pay for this great new addition to the Valhalla preserve!