Southeastern Cave Conservancy Acquires the Fern Sink Entrance of Fern Cave

On October 10, 2008, SCCi Chairman Brian Krebs announced that the Conservancy has signed a contract to purchase 80 acres in Jackson County, Alabama overlying a large portion of Fern Cave and including the Fern Sink Entrance and Surprise Pit. The preserve is a privately owned tract adjoining the federally-owned Fern Cave National Wildlife Refuge . All other entrances of the cave are located on the federal land. Since 1997, the SCCi has managed the Fern Sink entrance and Surprise Pit under a lease agreement with the owner. When the opportunity arose this summer, the Conservancy was able to convert our long-term relationship with the property into permanent ownership and protection. You can help support permanent protection of Fern Cave by becoming an SCCi member and donating to help with the acquisition costs.  SCCi Sustaining Membership is the best way to support the acquisition and protection of Fern Cave and other southeastern caves.