Southeastern Cave Conservancy Buys Limrock Blowing Cave

The Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc. is excited to announce that has completed its purchase of Limrock Blowing Cave (AJK311), Jackson County, Alabama. The Limrock Preserve includes the cave entrance and approx. 48 acres. This purchase is the culmination of more than three years of efforts by SCCi Directors Bill Putnam and Mark Wolinsky to acquire the cave. Limrock Blowing Cave is Alabama’s 15th longest cave, with a surveyed length of 15,505 feet of primarily horizontal passage. This acquisition is the SCCi’s 23rd preserve and its 52nd cave!

The cave management plan is similar to that used at most other SCCi preserves, and is posted on the SCCi web site. The property manager is Tommy Royston of Huntsville, Alabama.

When visiting the preserve, please park in the designated parking rea on the SCCi property. Do not park at the barn or field uphill from the cave.

Visitors are warned that in heavy rains the cave floods completely. The SCCi requests that cavers not enter the cave when rain is in the forecast. Flooding can occur very quickly and with little or no warning!

The purchase price, survey and closing costs for the property totaled $54,356.39. As a result, we have another mortgage in the amount of $40,000, so the cave is not yet ours! Carol Hawkins is spearheading our fund raising effort for the property. More information on this will be available in the next few weeks. Remember: the sooner we pay off this and our other loans, the sooner we can acquire more caves.

In addition to making a contribution to support the Limrock purchase, please consider joining the SCCi as a Sustaining Member, and helping to pay for the caves we all love and enjoy.  For as little as $10 a month you can be a cave owner. For information on SCCi Sustaining Membership, see our web page or contact Sustaining Membership manager Bill Stringfellow at Regular memberships are also available for $25 per year.

On behalf of the directors, we thank all of you for your continued confidence and support of our so very important mission.

Mark N. Wolinsky, Director William O. Putnam, Director and Acquisitions Chairman Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc.