Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in getting more involved in the SCCi? We need volunteers for all sorts of projects. If you’re interested in helping out with any of these activities, please email Patty Springer at patty.springer@scci.org.

TAG Fall Cave-In

  • Help with booth set up/tear down
  • Work in our booth
  • Sell raffle tickets
  • Help record raffle sales (starts at midnight!)


  • Help our fundraising chair raise money for future cave purchases
  • Visit businesses in your community with a fundraising packet (that we will provide) and ask for a donation
  • Help identify and apply for grants
  • Help assemble documentation to register the SCCi as a nonprofit fundraising organization in eight southeastern states
  • Participate in a phone-a-thon to raise money for Run To The Mill
  • Help develop a more robust planning giving program (the Valhalla Society)


  • Help with social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Assist with web site updates and maintenance
  • Give a presentation about the SCCi to your local Grotto or other local organizations
  • Help develop public outreach programs for individual preserves

Cave Acquisitions

  • Help create a Project Scoring Chart to help evaluate the suitability and priority of potential acquisitions
  • Help create a Site Inspection and Environmental Due Diligence checklist for pending acquisitions

Board Development

  • Serve on an advisory committee to make sure the SCCi board remains healthy and functions effectively


Anything Else?
Do you have skills or expertise that would help the SCCi? Please let us know if there are any other volunteer activities that interest you.