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Photo by Alan Cressler


There are 17,000 known caves in the southeastern United States. Caves and karst environments are home to over 1,000 cave dwelling species, and 95% of them are listed as threatened or endangered. Caves house many historic and cultural resources from civil war signatures to Native American cave writings. These special environments must be protected and remain as accessible as possible for recreational cavers and nature lovers alike.

Founded in 1991, SCCi is the world’s largest land conservancy dedicated solely to cave conservation. The caves we protect represent some of the Southeast’s most significant wild caves. We protect the habitat endangered animals, preserve historic artifacts, and provide some of the best recreational caving anywhere in the world.

SCCi’s 1000+ members support the mission of balancing cave conservation with recreational access. Basic membership is just $25 a year and helps us keep protecting these special places.


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