Our Mission & Vision

The Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc. (SCCi) is the national leader in cave conservation.

The SCCi got its start in 1991 when hundreds of caves throughout the southeastern United States started to get  closed to recreational access and threatened by development. A small group of caving enthusiasts came up with a novel idea: let’s buy the caves we love. Their mission: to protect and conserve southeastern caves.

Thanks to two decades of abiding by our core mission, the SCCi is now the largest and most successful land conservancy devoted to acquiring and protecting caves. We accomplish our mission through our strong base of grassroots support and partnerships with agencies, other nonprofit organizations, scientists, and individuals interested in protecting caves and fragile underground resources.

The SCCi: Our Mission
The SCCi’s mission is to conserve caves to preserve areas of scenic beauty, provide recreational access and opportunities, protect cultural and biological resources, and support scientific research.

The SCCi: Our Vision
We envision protecting the most significant and sensitive caves across the southeastern US. We will achieve our vision with the support of our grassroots network plus partnerships with other organizations and individuals interested in protecting caves and cave resources.

We achieve our goals by buying, managing, and protecting outstanding caves throughout six southeastern states. We protect 170 caves on 30 preserves encompassing over 4,000 acres of land.

Custard Hollow Cave SInking Cove PreserveCustard Hollow Cave SInking Cove Preserve

Sinking Cove Cave Preserve. Photo courtesy of Bob Biddix.