What We Do

SCCiThe Southeastern Cave Conservancy buys caves!

We buy caves to provide recreational caving access, to protect endangered species, to protect fragile watersheds, and to provide other types of recreational opportunities like photography, hiking, and camping, and to provide opportunities for scientific research. Sometimes if we are unable to actually buy property, we will work with the landowner to set up a lease. Leases allow our supporters to visit, photograph, and hike to caves that may have been closed for many years, and allows cavers to help protect fragile underground ecosystems. We also partner with many other conservation organizations across the region to accomplish our mission.

Gray batsMany people are confused about the SCCi’s business model. Unlike many land conservancies that set up easements and accept land donations, we buy property at fair market value. Owning property is one of the fundamental principles of our organization. We think that the best way to protect caves and property forever is to own what we want to protect. Sure, we’ll take a donated cave any time we can get one as long as the cave fits in with our mission, but we know that we need to try to buy caves we want to protect.

If we can’t buy a cave we want, we try to lease it. We own over 1,400 acres of land, 23 separate cave preserves, and lease many more acres. We have a list of many more caves we’re actively trying to buy.

We started out buying caves in the area centered around Chattanooga, TN that features one of the most fabulous caving areas in the country. As the SCCi grew, we started to expand outward to protect properties throughout the southeast. We currently own or manage caves in six southeastern states, including Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, and West Virginia.