Permits are required for all SCCi preserves. To request a permit, visit

The SCCi protects over 170 caves on 31 preserves in 6 states. For over 25 years, SCCi has balanced conservation with recreational use. Use the following table to discover more about our preserves and how you can visit. You can sort the table by header.

Some preserves have same-day issued permits which can be received with no notice. These permits issue automatically when all releases have been signed. The system is optimized for mobile devices and permits can be easily obtained even from the parking lot of a preserve with cell phone coverage.

Preserves with same day permits are noted in the table below. Other permits can take a minimum of  48 hours to review once all release signatures have been collected.

Safety: If you are considering caving for the first time, are a beginner or just want to learn how to cave more safely click here!

Leave No Trace: Leave No Trace principles are especially critical in cave environments. Caves are slow to regenerate once damaged. Do not mark or write anything on cave walls, ceilings or floors – even in the dust. Defacing or destroying anything in a cave is a crime and SCCi will prosecute. Carry all waste/trash away with you. Everyone should be able to enjoy a cave in its natural state so leave it like that. SCCi is a member of and subscribes to the principles of Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics.

Hiking: With any permit, you can spend time above and below ground hiking and exploring SCCi preserves. Some SCCi preserves offer a ‘preserve only’ permit which does not allow entry to the caves but affords hikers and nature lovers an opportunity to explore above ground. These permits have different group size requirements than caving permits. Preserves which offer these surface only permits are listed as offering surface only permits in the table below.

Camping: Camping is allowed on some SCCi preserves. Camping in caves is strictly prohibited. All camping is primitive and must be done in the areas instructed by Preserve Teams. At various times a year, SCCi may institute campfire bans to protect our forests and natural resources. All waste (human and otherwise) must be carried out of campsites and disposed of properly.

Preserve Name (Short)CountyStateSurface Permit Only AvailableCampingSame Day PermittingPermit LinkMore Information
DaleoHartKYYesYesNoOnline PermitsMore Information
Rattling CaveCockeTNNoNoNoOnline PermitsMore Information
Run To The MillCumberlandTNYesYesNoOnline PermitsMore Information
Fox MountainDadeGAYesNoYesOnline PermitsMore Information
Howards WaterfallDadeGANoNoYesOnline PermitsMore Information
Johnsons CrookDadeGAYesYesNoOnline PermitsMore Information
Steward SpringDeKalbALNoNoNoOnline PermitsMore Information
Wolf RiverFentressTNNoNoNoOnline PermitsMore Information
Sinking CoveFranklinTNNoYesNoOnline PermitsMore Information
Frenchman KnobHartKYNoYesNoOnline PermitsMore Information
Logsdon HartKYNoNoNoEmail Preserve TeamMore Information
Tumbling RockJacksonALNoYesNoOnline Permits
More Information
Limrock BlowingJacksonALNoNoYesOnline PermitsMore Information
Stephens GapJacksonALNoYesNoOnline PermitsMore Information
KennamerJacksonALYesNoYesOnline PermitsMore Information
FernJacksonALNoNoNoOnline PermitsMore Information
Hollow RidgeJacksonFLNoNoNoOnline PermitsMore Information
ValhallaJacksonALYesYesNoOnline PermitsMore Information
NeversinkJacksonALYesNoYesOnline PermitsMore Information
Horse SkullJacksonALNoNoYesOnline PermitsMore Information
Glove PitMadisonALNoNoYesOnline PermitsMore Information
VarnedoeMadisonALNoNoNoOnline PermitsMore Information
South Pittsburgh PitMarionTNNoNoYesOnline PermitsMore Information
JenningsMarionFLNoNoNoOnline PermitsMore Information
GourdneckMarionTNNoNoYesOnline PermitsMore Information
Lobelia SaltpeterPocahontasWVNoNoNoEmail Preserve TeamMore Information
Snail ShellRutherfordTNYesYesNoOnline PermitsMore Information
AndersonShelbyALNoNoNoOnline PermitsMore Information
FricksWalkerGAYesNoNoOnline Permits" More Information
Holly CreekWayneTNNoNoNoOnline PermitsMore Information