Tumbling Rock Cave Preserve

Tumbling Rock Cave

Tumbling Rock Cave, the Topless Dome. Photo by Nathan Williams.

Tumbling Rock is one of Alabama’s finest caves. SCCi started leasing the cave in January, 2008 and purchased the cave in July, 2011. This very special acquisition is the culmination of more than four years of extensive efforts by SCCi member Jay Clark and others. The cave is open for visitation primarily on weekends, from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon. Access at other times may be possible by special arrangement.

Visitors entering the cave will be expected to have appropriate caving equipment (helmet, boots, and headlamp) and to follow standard cave safety and conservation practices as promoted by the National Speleological Society.

When visiting the preserve, it is important that visitors continue to observe a few common sense rules, such as:

  • When visiting the preserve, please do not change clothes in public. Changing area are available and must be used.
  • No using the bathroom in the cave, or at any place other than the facilities we have provided outside.
  • Please do not consume any alcoholic beverage or drugs of any type in the cave or on the preserve.
  • Please respect and be considerate of our neighbors, other visitors, and the cave environment by refraining from littering, touching artifacts, damaging formations, molesting wildlife, or otherwise disturbing the peace and serenity of the cave and the preserve.


Tumbling Rock

Tumbling Rock, photo by Nathan Williams


Help support this preserve! You can Buy a Brick that will be placed in a nice patio near the cave entrance. Each brick is available for a donation of $100 or more.  You may “buy” up to five bricks per form.  Each brick will be laser-engraved with a custom message of your choice, subject to space constraints, and will be permanently installed in a patio area outside the entrance to the SCCi’s Tumbling Rock Cave.

Preserve Information:

Acreage: 5.0 acres in Jackson County, Alabama
Preserve Management Team: Nathan Williams (Lead) and Alexander Dobrowolski (tumblingrock@scci.org)
Access: Open on Saturdays and Sundays. Other times by special arrangement. To request a permit, visit http://permits.scci.org
Preserve Maps: Tumbling Rock Map
Buy a Brick! Visit this page


Tumbling Rock

Tumbling Rock, photo by Nathan Williams