Tumbling Rock Cave Preserve

Tumbling Rock Cave

Topless Dome. Photo by N. Williams.

Tumbling Rock Cave is one of Alabama’s finest caves. With over six miles of surveyed passage, it offers beginning and experienced cavers alike a true wild cave experience. The large trunk passage, called borehole, is accompanied by a stream throughout most of its length. The borehole is occasionally interrupted by multiple intersecting passages with several rooms half filled with breakdown (giant piles of large rocks} Some of these passages become sandy crawls which can be fun as well as challenging.

Along the borehole, groups of formations containing flowstone, large stalagmites and stalactites, huge column formations with fanciful names like The Elephants Feet and The Christmas Tree. Other areas include unusual formations called The Totem Gallery and the Little Hall of Mysteries.  Topless Dome, a nearly 400-foot-high waterfall is accessed via the Kings Shower.

Tumbling Rock was very active during the Civil War with saltpeter mining which was used in the manufacture of gunpowder. The cave still holds the remains of this mining operation in the form of several large vats and even signatures left by soldiers on the walls.


Tumbling Rock

Photo by N.Williams












Preserve Information

Acreage: 5.0 acres in Jackson County, Alabama
Preserve Management Team: Nathan Williams (Lead) and Alexander Dobrowolski (tumblingrock@scci.org)
Access: Open on Saturdays and Sundays. Weekdays by special request. To request a permit, visit http://permits.scci.org
Preserve Maps: Tumbling Rock Map
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